Landscaping products

Impeccable accents

From edging to retaining walls, natural limestone is the perfect choice in your garden

Garden walls, columns or garden edging made from Ōamaru stone elevates character and atmosphere.

Landscaping Products

There are endless uses for limestone in the garden. From creating space with retaining walls to growing your home veges in limestone garden beds, from edging to rock gardens to stone walls, you can create almost any look you’re after.

Limestone tones.

Decorative mouldings

The architectural features of a project become even more noticeable and accentuated with decorative mouldings. Eg: Framed windows have a neat and expressive appearance. 

Limestone can be fabricated into decorative mouldings to be used as window and door jambs, soffit detail, corbels, wall bands or eave details.

Limestone tones.


Since the time of the ancient Greeks, we have been using columns for support around the exterior of a building and to create a striking visual picture.

Limestone tones.

Engraving Date Stones

Name and date stones to fit into any space. We engrave limestone blocks with a wide choice of font styles available.
Thanks to the latest CNC technology, the engraving template is both accurate and flexible.

Limestone tones.