Yu Mei, Newmarket Store

The new Yu Mei, Newmarket Store chose to utilise Oamaru stone, amongst other natural materials like onyx marble in the fit-out. The deer Nappa used to make the brand’s products are farmed in Oamaru, just around the corner from where the stone is quarried, so the geographical link between the brands is strong.

The aesthetic link is also strong. Yu Mei is a top New Zealand leather brand (YuMei) devoted to the creation of understated luxury. Although the chosen sandblasted finish of the natural limestone has a rustic finish, it is, perhaps ironically a stunning statement of quality and luxury.

Yu Mei’s mission is to create quality products that will weather your journey with you. Much like Oamaru stone which is a product that will remain steadfast through many generations.

Knight Associates designed custom shelving units with Oamaru stone back panels with a sandblasted finish, a new concept for the quarry. The thin 50mm panels were glued onto the RAB board to give a neutral tone backdrop to the beautiful Yu Mei handbags. Oamaru stone plinths, using the same sandblasting technique were fabricated with the skill of the team at Cutting Innovations to provide visual interest and additional display space.

Product – Sandblasted Oamaru Stone panels
Size – 960mm x 50mm x 450
Colour pallet – Grey base tone with ivory veining