Darren O’Neil, an acknowledged master in architectural design, has an impressive portfolio of Fendalton homes to his credit and this is certainly one of them.

Crafted in Ōamaru Stone with American Oak flooring and offering three luxurious levels of living from the pivoting front door to the main bedroom suite, this home promises an enduring style that will remain for years to come.

The owners of this home had admired a friend’s home, which was built using Ōamaru Natural Stone. Once they had decided on building a new home, they worked with a well-known group home building company to create their lovely family home overlooking their farm. As you drive down the highway, it can be admired as it sits proudly on the hill above.

Product: Sawn Faced Ōamaru Limestone
Size: 650 x 90 x 390
Colour palette: Autumnal Hues
Architect: Darren O’Neil
Location: Fendalton, Christchurch