Riverstone Castle

Dot’s home and Castle, with solid masonry walls clad in large bolstered Ōamaru stone blocks give the building an air of permanence.

Ms Scott (Architect) says everything will “definitely stand the test of time”.

“A standard building, to comply with the building code, has to last 50 years. Smithy [Neil Smith] said, ‘I don’t want 50 years. I want 200.'”

A total of 20,000 concrete blocks and approximately 200 tonnes of Ōamaru stone were used in the castle’s construction with the exterior walls almost half a metre thick.

Internal beams were crafted from century-old macrocarpa milled on one of the Smiths’ farms.

Product: Split & Bolstered Ōamaru stone with sawn corner stones and window/door surrounds
Size: 600 x 90 x 400
Colour Palette: Ivory
Quantity: 200 Tonnes
Architect: Sarah Scott from Condon Scott
Location: Pukeuri, North of Ōamaru
Stone mason: Ian Gold