Why choose Oamaru Stone?

Few building materials can match the unique beauty and endurance of Oamaru Stone. A natural and endurable product, Oamaru Stone is a unique material that compliments many environments.


Oamaru Stone is a 100% natural product with no artificial additives, which fits perfectly with New Zealand’s “Clean, Green and Natural” image.


Whilst there are a number of standard block sizes, Oamaru Stone can be cut to almost any size required. Oamaru Stone can also be easily worked on site by stonemasons. “Your imagination is the limit”.


Like all natural stone, Oamaru Stone has a variation of colour and natural look. This ensures a distinct and unique look for your building project.


Nothing can compare to the rich texture and warm creamy colour of Oamaru Stone. Its natural look means it blends perfectly with other materials such as timber, schist, iron and brick.


When erected to correct specifications, Oamaru Stone has a proven record of endurance. Many prominent limestone buildings around New Zealand, some built well over one hundred years ago, have stood the test of time. Properly treated Oamaru Stone will maintain its natural look and beauty for future generations to enjoy.

Got a question about how to use Oamaru Stone?