Ōamaru Natural Limestone

Few building materials can match the unique beauty and endurance of Ōamaru Stone. A natural and enduring product, Ōamaru Stone is a unique material that complements many environments.


Ōamaru stone is limestone, a sedimentary rock comprising of fossilised skeletal remains of organic marine particles, giving the stone a rich texture. It is a totally natural building product, which is locally sourced with minimal processes. Ōamaru stone is extracted efficiently with minimal energy and zero product waste, any limestone off-cuts are used as agricultural lime. Cutting limestone blocks does not require the multiple manufacturing processes and energy expenditures necessary to produce man-made building products.


Whilst there are a number of standard block sizes, Ōamaru Stone can be cut to almost any size required. Ōamaru Stone can also be easily worked on site by stonemasons.

“Your imagination is the limit”


Like all natural stone, Ōamaru Stone has a variation of colour and natural look. This ensures a distinct and unique look for your building project.


The neutral palettes of Ōamaru stone allows harmonious accompaniment to almost every other material such as timber, schist and iron.


Around the world, throughout history, limestone has been used on notable structures such as Notre-Dame in Paris, The Pentagon in Washington, and The Empire State Building in Manhattan.

Sourced in the South Island of New Zealand, Ōamaru Stone is seen in almost every town and city in New Zealand. The Auckland High Court, Government House, the Christchurch Arts Centre, Otago University.  Ōamaru’s main street showcases magnificent limestone buildings and is home to the Victorian Precinct, a complete commercial streetscape with architecture from the Victorian era.

Properly treated Ōamaru Stone will maintain its natural look and beauty for future generations to enjoy.