5 Reasons To Use Ōamaru Stone

Clearly, I have some bias. And whilst I am not suggesting that Ōamaru stone as a building material is right for everyone in every situation, (although, mostly, it is) there are many compelling reasons why I would choose to use Ōamaru natural limestone for my next building project and why Ōamaru stone is relevant for many people in many varying circumstances over and above other building products. I’ve put together a list of 5 compelling reasons to use Ōamaru stone: 

1. Fascination value in uniqueness

Every single block of Ōamaru stone is entirely unique from the next block. It is not a uniform industrial product. Ōamaru stone shows off the history of its origin not only in the saw marks on each piece, but also in the tiny tiny grains that make up a building block. Never will you see two blocks the same. Never, will two homes be exactly the same. 

2. Ecologically responsible

Ōamaru stone is a natural limestone, as blocks come from the quarry, they are already in their finished form. No energy is needed for further construction or creation, mother nature has done this already. Energy is only used for quarrying and fabricating. When you compare this to other building materials, the energy use is very, very low. 

Our quarrying operation is small, simple and efficient. Any limestone extracted that isn’t used as building product is ground into track lime or agricultural lime meaning we have no wasted product. There is a complete cycle in our quarrying natural limestone, returning to nature what is not used for permanent products. 

3. Individualised blocks

There is no limitation to the size and shape of the Ōamaru stone block we can cut for you. Each piece of natural limestone is quarried in large blocks (1400 x 700 x 1100) and then cut to the desired size. The size can be adapted individually for planning requirements, and any shape at all can be provided. A 5-axis CNC machine on site at the quarry ensures that we can cut more than squares and rectangles, design possibilities are endless. 

4. Like a fine wine

While Ōamaru stone attains its full elegance with advancing years, it can be cleaned and maintained to keep the same appearance as when it was first laid. Ōamaru stone naturally weathers to a lovely silvery grey. Decades old Ōamaru stone can be cleaned, brushed, polished and restored to their original condition if the weathered look is no longer desired. The lifetime of Ōamaru stone is at least one century, if we look to limestone buildings overseas, we can say centuries long. With the proper planning and construction, buildings of limestone have survived for many hundreds of years. 

5. Attractively priced

When compared to synthetic building products, the cost of Ōamaru stone is attractive. Taking into account the long life and low long-term maintenance costs, over the lifetime of a home, a natural stone like Ōamaru stone offers real value. 

If you would like more reasons to use Ōamaru stone, I invite you to visit our office and take a tour of our quarry or send through your enquiry. We are very happy to talk through all the options available with Ōamaru stone.