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Oamaru Limestone, the rock of ages, there can be no substitute for natural stone.

The subtle textures of Oamaru Limestone have enriched our architecture since the dawn of our civilization. It's as old a the nation itself. And still one of natures finest building materials.

Oamaru Limestone is hewn from the rolling green hills of North Otago, outside Oamaru, New Zealand.

The Parkside Stone Quarry has produced stone since 1906, other Quarries were operating in the area as early as 1862. These Quarries have gone, but the Parkside quarries are still producing the same high quality limestone they always have.

The Limestone is sliced from the quarry floor by 2.3 meter tungsten tipped circular saws powered by Caterpillar excavators. Oamaru Stone is supplied sawn, split or bolstered. The massive two tonne blocks are then carted from the vast natural amphitheatre created by decades of quarrying, to the cutting shed.


Oamaru Limestone brings new dimensions to interiors. It's finish is clean, uniform, the stone's milky white colourings bring a light, airy look to any room creating an atmosphere of tranquillity or drama. Both Strong and durable Oamaru Limestone is easily cut and shaped making it the perfect material for walls, fireplaces, columns and freestanding features. Once men cut the Oamaru Limestone for their churches and mansions with great hammers and chisels, the building industry. has moved on since then and so has quarrying. Because it can be supplied in any size, a wide variety of laying patterns may be used.


Oamaru Limestone is natural, so it's an easy mixer ~ blending well with other materials. It's easily worked on site by stonemasons, making it particularly valuable for arches and freedom work. With Oamaru Limestone, harmony doesn't need to be contrived, it follows naturally.


Oamaru Limestone is as popular with architects today as it was a century ago. Their enthusiasm for using the stone has survived the test of time as has the enduring colour and texture of the the stone itself.


Check out our LINKS section for detailed downloadable sheets on use, preparation and sizes of Oamaru Stone.